Winner of the Cleanroom Award!

Why measuring
floating particles?

If falling particles
are the problem!

Winner of the Cleanroom Award!

Why would you check your cleanroom only twice a year? Now you can monitor 24/7 realtime!

Winner of the Cleanroom Award!

Do you want to know the time of the contamination incident? Gain insights with our incidents reports!

Winner of the Cleanroom Award

Do you wonder how you can reduce your risks? Start monitoring your process 24/7 realtime!

Winner of the Cleanroom Award!

Why do you keep struggling with a lot of defects? Get more insight in particle deposition!

Industrial Cleanrooms


The main goal of working in a cleanroom is to keep the product safe. The monitoring of the room itself can’t secure the product safety on it’s own. Monitor the safety of your product!

Medical Cleanrooms


A responsible attitude is essential when working with patients. This includes giving the assurance to work as clean and as safe as possible. Start to measure and be sure!

Automotive Cleanrooms


Automotive products require a clean production area to prevent errors. No cleanroom, but a controlled environment where the purity and cleanliness is measured. Achieve the zero defects goal!

The APMON System

The system consists of a sensor, base unit and a graphical user interface, which can be installed on every computer.

Every 10 minutes both particle size and increase in number are scanned on a measurement surface of 60cm2.  The base unit analyses the results to determine if alarm thresholds are exceeded.

Using a compact design, the APMON sensor can be placed near critical production areas, to provide early insight in (possible) contamination sources which can result in a quick response. 

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For more information about the APMON and particle deposition in general, you can find articles here.

Innovated with TNO

The development of the APMON is the result of a collaboration between the Netherlands Institute for Applied Scientific Research and Technology of Sense. Read more about this partnership.