Increasing Product Quality by Particle Deposition Control

Technology of Sense provides monitoring solutions for cleanrooms in operation.

The risk of product contamination is proportional to the deposition rate of particles.


APMON products.

The APMON counts the particles that deposit onto the sensor during short periods.

The APMON measure the size and area coverage of the deposited particles, determines the Particle Deposition Rate and the Particle Obscuration Rate and thereby the likelihood of particle contamination onto your product.

Time of deposition and particle size distribution can be used the find the cause of particle deposition and gives guidance in reducing the risk of contamination by particles, including microbe carrying particles.

The measurement data is displayed in clear overviews, ideal for monitoring your contamination control.

The APMON consists of a sensor with cartridge and a powerful mini-pc with licensed software.

The APMON PRO is a versatile monitoring system with 1 to 6 sensors.

Check out the APMON and APMON PRO

  • How Clean is your Cleanroom? How much is your product at risk?
  • You can count the particles that really matter with the APMON.
  • The APMON counts depositing particles that can contaminate your product real-time.
  • The APMON measures the number, size and area coverage of the deposited particles.
  • The APMON determines the Particle Deposition Rate and for optical applications the Particle Obscuration Rate.
  • The APMON determines when particle deposition is high, which can be used to determine the contamination source(s).
  • The APMON determines the particle size distribution, which can be used to take measures to reduce contamination risk.
  • Use APMON data to reduce contamination risks.

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